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Discover the terroir of Catalonia

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to our restaurant, Can Llissa. Dining is an important part of Catalan culture. We invite you to discover it with our local cuisine prepared with the very best produce of Catalonia.

Fish is a key ingredient since we are on the coast, and more precisely in Colera. We buy our fish at the market in the port of Llançà on the same day it is served to you.

The rest of our ingredients, whether from the plains or the Pyrenees, are also fresh, seasonal and of excellent quality.

Enjoy our paella and rice in a multitude of forms

Our menu offers you the chance to discover many Catalan and Iberian specialities, from the starters to the desserts, including the wines.

To whet your appetite, start with some fried squid, Iberian ham or escalivada. However, if you only want one course, our salads should fit the bill.

For your main course, our restaurant showcases a range of rice dishes. Obviously, you’ll find paella on the menu, with its exquisite combination of flavours from land and sea. But you can also discover something new with our traditional a la llauna rice dishes, baked in the oven or on the embers. As well as Arroz Caldoso or brothy rice, the traditional fideuà and the excellent black rice of Empordà.

There’s also a large choice of homemade dishes, grilled meats with charcoal and fresh fish from the port of Llançà.

For dessert, all the great favourites are available: profiteroles, ice-cream, strawberries, and more. But if you want to continue on a local note, opt for the Crème Catalane or the Tap de Cadaqués.

Are you more cheese? Try mató, a local cheese served with Colera honey. Delicious!

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