Our diving centre on the Costa Brava

Welcome to the Colera Diving Centre

Our Sant Miquel campsite is quite unusual in that it has its own diving centre. Anyone looking for an amazing experience can stay here and enjoy a dive, just metres from their campsite accommodation. What’s more, the centre is certified by the Generalitat (or government) of Catalonia.

You’ll be able to get a taster or hone your diving skills, supervised by instructors. A series of briefings, theoretical lessons, pool practice sessions and sea dives are organised, to suit to your level and your aspirations. In fact, the Colera Diving Centre runs several introductory diving sessions along with certified training.

Dive into the most beautiful waters of the Costa Brava

We give you the opportunity to swim in three different areas, all ideal for diving.

The Cap de Creus Natural Park

This protected site boasts a truly fascinating marine setting. Deemed to be the most beautiful spot on the Costa Brava, here you can dive to several depths. And you’ll discover an abundant and varied range of marine fauna and flora.

The Cerbère-Banyuls Marine Nature Reserve

This area is located on the coast of the Côte Vermeille (or Vermilion Coast) in Roussillon, the French part of Catalonia. The reserve can be reached by boat in 15 minutes and is home to an impressive range of animal life. This protected site has been developed to ensure that scuba diving can continue while conserving the biodiversity found here.

The Colera-Portbou fishing area

Located near the port of Colera, this fishing area is fortunate in that it is protected from the potentially strong winds that blow over the region when weather conditions are unfavourable. This means that you can continue diving without being affected by the bad weather.


Our introductory diving formulas


Introductory diving session

Learn to dive so that you can discover the incredible thrill of observing the seabed and breathing underwater.

You’ll benefit from a briefing, then a session in the pool, before diving at sea. All the necessary equipment is provided.

Max depth: 6 metres

Duration: 4 hours in all

N.B. Session reserved for persons aged 10 and over. You must be able to swim and have a medical certificate.

BD – Basic Diver

The Basic Diver package is a great way to start diving. Begin with a theoretical lesson. Then continue with a pool session. Afterwards, set off for a dive in the sea!

Max depth: 6 metres

N.B. Session reserved for persons aged 10 and over. You must be able to swim and have a medical certificate.

Try Scuba Pool

There’s even a formula for young divers! Children aged 8 and over can discover diving in full safety in the pool.

Max depth: 2 metres

N.B. this offer is reserved for children 8 years and above

Our diver training

SD – Scuba Diver

Start your underwater adventures with a 2-step programme:

  • Pool sessions
  • Dives at sea, from the boat, all combined with theoretical modules

N.B. a medical certificate is required.

OWD – Open Water Diver

This is one of the best recognised certifications in the diving world. It is also the ideal way to start scuba diving. Get the benefit of theoretical sessions, exercises in the pool and finally 4 dives from the boat at sea.

Good to know: the price includes full equipment, insurance and certification.

N.B. a medical certificate is required.

AWD – Advanced Open Water Diver

This package focuses on building up your self-confidence in different diving conditions:

  • Swimming in deep water
  • Buoyancy control
  • Underwater orientation, wildlife identification
  • And even exploring wrecks!

N.B. a medical certificate is required.

RD – Rescue Diver

This course teaches you how to deal with any problems that may arise. Become the best possible diving partner, using all your technical skills and building your self-confidence.

N.B. a medical certificate is required.

Our group offers

Want to come as a group? Keen to organise a team-building activity? Sant Miquel can adapt to the needs of groups by organising outings specially designed for you. Dive in the Cap de Creus Natural Park and the Cerbère-Banyuls Marine Nature Reserve, with pre- and post-dive assistance. And there’ll be hot drinks waiting for you on your return.

We can also provide a room equipped with projectors and a screen for your conferences, courses and other events.

The icing on the cake? Our centre is located at the Yelloh! Village Sant Miquel campsite, which offers an all-inclusive package. Sleep on site, eat at the Can Llissa restaurant and take the plunge with the Colera Diving Centre. You’ll also benefit from Wi-Fi, children’s clubs and the swimming pool.

Finally, at our watersports centre, you can combine diving with other activities available nearby, such as hiking, surfing, stand-up paddleboarding, sea kayaking, and more.

Insurance, equipment and instructors

So you can go diving in full peace of mind, our centre can take care of everything. You can purchase insurance adapted to your practice, rent all the necessary equipment and even opt for a personal instructor. Whatever your programme: 1 day, 1 week, or 1, 5 or 10 dives… Our offer adapts to your requirements.

With these services, beginners can enjoy their first dive in the very best conditions and experienced divers can make the most of having everything on site, all ready to go!